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Leading Yangtze Cruise Line Explores Tranquil Goddess Stream on Select Itineraries

NEW YORK, NY – While its excursions along the Yangtze’s Daning River and Shennong Stream have been among Victoria Cruise Lines’ (http://www.victoriacruiselines.com) most consistently praised, the five-star cruise line is now exploring another scenic tributary along the mist-shrouded Yangtze River – tranquil Goddess Stream*.

Once just a brook, the Three Gorges Dam raised the water level of Goddess Stream and it now flows from the southern bank of the Yangtze, opposite Goddess Peak.  Surrounded by beautiful peaks, this tributary is home to many protected species including monkeys, mountain goats, deer and boar, as well as a variety of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Passengers will board a smaller craft for an 18 mile roundtrip journey to view the quiet beauty of the stream’s narrow gorges while enjoying local folk songs along the way.

While Victoria Cruise Lines reserves the right to substitute excursions based on weather conditions and other external factors, passengers will most likely enjoy the Goddess Stream excursion in place of the Daning River or Shennong Stream, which will be used as alternatives when river conditions prevent access to Goddess Stream.

“This itinerary is brimming with natural scenic beauty, guaranteeing passengers a rewarding travel experience, especially those who return from our longer Grand Yangtze Discovery program,” said Larry Greenman, manager of public relations and customer service for Victoria Cruise Lines.

“It will also provide a refreshing experience for repeat guests who have sailed the Daning River or Shennong Stream on a previous voyage,” Greenman noted.

Victoria Cruise Lines continues to offer a full excursion package for $90 per person inclusive of all standard excursions on the Three Gorges Highlights program, including the tributary experience as well as a tour of the Three Gorges Dam site and visit to Shibaozhai.   The cruise line also offers a selection of optional excursions for an additional charge, including the intriguing White Emperor City.

For more information or to book, consult your preferred travel agent or tour operator, visit www.victoriacruiselines.com or contact Victoria Cruise Lines at 800-348-8084 or 212-818-1680.

* Victoria Cruise Line s makes no guarantee of specific shore excursions in advance of booking and reserves the right to substitute excursions without notice.



About Victoria Cruise Lines

New York-based Victoria Cruise Lines established new standards of excellence for sailing China’s Yangtze River when its first ship edged out of port in 1994.  Victoria Cruise Lines remains the service leader on the Yangtze River with each ship earning the coveted five-star rating from the China Ministry of Culture and Tourism.  Victoria Cruise Lines has earned numerous awards and recognitions over the years including the TravelAge West WAVE Award Editor’s Pick for Best River Cruise Line as well as Best New River Cruise Ship with the launch of the luxurious Victoria Jenna, which also received the Silver Magellan Award from Travel Weekly. The cruise line operates a variety of itineraries on the Yangtze ranging from four to eight days.


For more information and a free color brochure or promotional footage and materials, contact Victoria Cruise Lines at 136-18 39th Avenue, 12th Floor, Flushing, NY 11354; phone (800) 348-8084, (212) 818-1680; fax (212) 818-9889.  E-mail contact@victoriacruiselines.com or visit http://www.victoriacruiselines.com.



Leading Yangtze Cruise Line Explores Tranquil Goddess Stream on Select Itineraries