Tribes of the Three Gorges

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Offers Introspective Glimpse Of Local Life In Xiling Gorge Region

NEW YORK – American-managed Victoria Cruise Lines ( now offers an optional Tribes of the Three Gorges excursion on select Yangtze River sailings of its Three Gorges Highlights and Three Gorges Explorer itineraries.

Priced separately from Victoria Cruise Lines’ standard excursion package at an additional $45 per person, the tour provides an introspective glimpse into local life in the Xiling Gorge region with opportunities to see Toad Spring, statues of the ancient Ba nationality, scenic Dragon Stream, Monkey Hill (featuring more than 200 wild specimens), Lover Bridge and Huanglong Waterfall. Additionally, passengers opting for the excursion will meet local fisherman and enjoy a boatman performance as well as Crying Wedding performance, a custom of the Tujia nationality.

Victoria Cruise Lines’ standard excursion package is priced from $90 per person, which includes three excursions including an educational tour of the Three Gorges Dam and incredible sailing experience through one of the Yangtze’s scenic tributaries (excursions may be substituted at Victoria Cruise Lines’ discretion).

Victoria Cruise Lines also offers additional optional excursions, such as White Emperor City, which is priced at $60 per person, in addition to the cost of Victoria Cruise Lines’ standard excursion package.

Overlooking the Western end of Qutang Gorge, White Emperor City has long been a refuge for would-be kings and poets who traveled there to be inspired by the breathtaking views. Legend has it that in 25 A.D., white vapor in the shape of a dragon rose from a well, and Gong Sunshu, a soldier who had been headquartered there, declared himself the “White Emperor.” Remains of the city wall can be seen on the hill behind Baidi Mountain, and a temple built to commemorate Gong’s reign dates back more than 1,950 years.

Travelers can book excursions as well as upgraded meal service and other VIP amenities offered through Victoria Cruise Lines’ Luxury Amenities program in advance of departure, or they can purchase onboard.

Victoria Cruise Lines’ Luxury Amenities program offers VIP perks including upper deck stateroom placement, access to exclusive ship areas, “white glove” service, enhanced culinary privileges such as wine and beer with dinner, exclusive happy hour and complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access.

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About Victoria Cruise Lines

New York-based Victoria Cruise Lines established new standards of excellence for sailing China’s Yangtze River when its first ship edged out of port in 1994. Victoria Cruise Lines remains the service leader on the Yangtze River with each ship earning the coveted five-star rating from the China Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Victoria Cruise Lines has earned numerous awards and recognitions over the years including the TravelAge West WAVE Award Editor’s Pick for Best River Cruise Line as well as Best New River Cruise Ship with the launch of the luxurious Victoria Jenna, which also received the Silver Magellan Award from Travel Weekly. The cruise line operates a variety of itineraries on the Yangtze ranging from four to eight days.

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Translated as “Waterfall of Man, “Huanglong Waterfall is one of the Yangtze’s most picturesque

White Emperor City (pictured left) offers amazing panoramic views of Qutang Gorge